【生ライブ配信】FULLMOON LIVE 2013.December

『FULLMOON LIVE 2013. October』『FULLMOON LIVE 2013.November』『FULLMOON LIVE 2013.December』の放送が大決定。

※Broadcast time is Japanese Standard Time.
※People who live overseas can watch Ustream and niconico Live.
※The live performance shown on YouTube is only available to watch in Japan.
※People who live overseas will be able to watch it after the archive video is uploaded to YouTube.

『FULLMOON LIVE 2013.December』
配信日時:2013年12月17日 21:00~
【Ustream 視聴URL】:
【ニコニコ生放送 視聴URL】:
【Youtube 視聴URL】: